Self-inflatable Shelter

What is this? It is an offer of a basic module made of recycled material, inflatable and easy to transport, disposing of a  whole series of mini-facilities that allow the self-sufficiency, energetic and personal.

Key words: recycled, inflatable, light, self-sufficient, energy saving, agility

This is a project a project in which, obviously, we have tried to confront our different social and vital realities (Budapest, Hungary vs Gijón, Spain) as well as other realities possible for us, approaching the project of the form more universally than has so far been of course opening towards and focusing on an actual and hypothetical local situations.

Key words: adaptability, versability, free programme, universal materials

Where and how? You can install the modules in different ways: on your balcony or terrace or you can can send it to other places for example as an emergency solution  for countries of Latin America, or in case of natural disasters. The modul could be a convenient choice for an a North Pole expedition, in which case you may also need a useable climatic jacket, but we are sure that the self-inflatable house could prove helpful to confront the severe conditions in those distant and cold places.

Key words: North, south, east, west, transnational company, emergency, climatic changes, expedition


Equipment: It containes several interchangeable and inflatable modules, made of recycled rubber tires. Each of them integrates in itself its own peculiarities and facilities, therefore you can use them individually or in different configurations adapt to your necessities.

Key words:11 m2 per module, basic module, bath, Multipurpose modules.


Eco inflatable house contains different technical items to optimise the consumption.

It gathers the rain water (by means of warehouses  integrated in the structure) to be used for the non-drinkable consumption  and to stabilize the module as counterweight whereas in the option equipped for cold places antifreeze has to be added, also makes use of the cistern of the toilet the remaining water of the shower in the separate shower tube. It  receives energy from the Sun for the basic functioning of the module: the shower, the lights, to heating of the water, and flexible photovoltaic panels. It  recycles the drain water and organic materials proceeding from the toilet by means of warehouses under pressure, in order to turn the residues into manure and gas, for example for a small garden and a small cooker for there kitchen respectively.

Key words: Water, light, gas, photovoltaic flex, integrated warehouses, sustainable

Roman Torre/ Gergely Kukucska


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